Most of us are familiar with the office environment since, let’s face it, the majority of us work there every day. Although the concept of the ‘office’ has existed since the late nineteenth century, workplace design has always been evolving to suit our needs. With advancements in technology and changes to the economy, meeting facilities have changed greatly since the traditional office space.

With the continuous advances in technology, the office environment is naturally becoming more virtual and more cross-functional. Before signing an office space lease, you should touch up on these office trends since there’s a reason why they’re becoming so popular.

Age of Telecommuting

In light of new technological advances, people can meet using conference rooms or electronic interfaces. Meeting facilities simply become a way of combining technologies and different types of telecommunications, and some argue that work doesn’t even need to be completed at the office. So why do people still lease an office space? It’s because offices build a sense of company culture, which is why tenants still want to sign that office space lease.

Functional Layout

How often do we think of drab, segregated, work offices when we hear the word cubicle? These are the complaints that shifted office design back to its original open-space concept. With lowered separators or none at all, this office trend facilitates more interaction and activity between employees. Don’t worry, meeting facilities are still present to provide private spaces.


It may surprise you to know that many people are choosing to downsize their office space. Tenants are finding it more economically beneficial to reduce the space needed per employee, without having it deter their business. Electronic and digital formats are one reason for this, eliminating the space needed to store information. Even attractive office space lease rates haven’t brought back larger spaces!

Urban Location

Did you know that office space lease rates vary with location? One trend you may not be aware of is the increasing popularity of meeting facilities in the downtown urban core. Ottawa is currently revitalizing itss urban core, increasing activity, transportation, and green spaces. The result? Employees want to spend more time in the office because of the attractive environment.

Energy Efficiency

As we become more informed about the consequences of our choices, both managers and employees want to have meeting facilities that are sustainable. Energy efficient offices are a trend developed from good design. Offices simply have to be oriented in a way that makes use of passive sunlight and ventilation. Meeting facilities that are green also have benefits to employees—studies show that it improves productivity and comfort!

Before picking a location for your business, consider the types of meeting facilities and layout of the office space provided. They’re not simply just trends, but well-developed ideas to help your business become successful!

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