Are you currently working from home and running your business out of your house?

Are you using your home address as your business address and fear it’s stopping you from signing as many clients as you know you deserve?

What about the constant spam calls you get since you’ve listed your phone number as a contact number?

If you’re nodding your head “yes” to all of the above, or even some of the above, then you qualify as a good candidate for Virtual Offices!

What are Virtual Offices?

Most new entrepreneurs start by running their business out of their home. It’s like a right of passage in the business world. But what happens when your business starts to outgrow your home but you aren’t ready to make the jump to permanent office space?

You sign up for a virtual office!

Virtual offices are the next step for small businesses looking to scale their business. A virtual office at TCC Canada offers you many amenities that help alleviate the stress of running a business, all while you, p continue working from home. We offer you our professional business address, phone answering service, mail service, and access to our coworking spaces whenever you need it. You’re also offered access to our flexible meeting room spaces, so you can host your professional meetings in a professional space, paying only when you need it.

Why do you need a Virtual Office?

When you send out your newsletter or list your business online, do you use your home address since that is where you’re running your business? This is reason number one for needing a Virtual Office. Using your personal address can lead to security issues, as you’re probably listing your address on many different business directories and sites. By signing up for a virtual office you instantly gain access to our regional presence and business address for your own use. You will choose which address you wish to use (you could choose all of them!) and will be able to list our address as your business address, so you won’t have to worry about your safety. Using our professional address also gives your business instant credibility as we have been operating for over 30 years!

How many spam calls do you receive in a day that may be preventing future clients from reaching you? By signing up for TCC Canadas virtual offices you are given phone answering service. This means one of our professional centre managers will be answering and screening your calls for you, however you choose to! You will be able to customize your greeting, who gets to speak to you directly and even help with booking clients in. Phone answering service is included in your virtual office agreement so it comes at no extra charge.

If you have currently been meeting your clients in coffee shops, libraries, or your home office, you’ll love our flexible meeting rooms. When you sign up with TCC Canada in any capacity you will be able to use our meeting room spaces as your own. Book a meeting room for the time you need and put your best foot forward!

How Do You Sign Up For A Virtual Office?

This part is easy! To sign up for your virtual office simply fill out this form and one of our employees will be in touch promptly to get you started! You’ll be offered freebies, a community of like-minded people, meeting space that fits your needs, and help to scale your business even further. All this with signing up for a virtual office.

Sounds pretty good right? We promise it’s not too good to be true! Sign up today to get into your virtual office.

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