With the ever-growing global economy, there is no reason not to have a virtual office. A virtual office will help give your start up a professional look, including conference facilities, with an excellent value for your dollar. So, why lose your clients to your competition when you can put your best foot forward at an economical cost.

If you are still on the fence about signing up with a virtual office, then here are the top 4 reasons why every start up should have one:

1. You will save money. That’s right, most start-ups will actually save money when they invest in a virtual office. The reason is quite simple: think of all the things you would need to have an office front or conference facilities in a commercial rental area. You will need the space, the furniture, office essential, phones, utilities and building insurance. None of those things sound cheap because they aren’t cheap. Now, remember that list is for the bare essentials of an office and doesn’t include things like maintenance or cleaning. A virtual office cuts most of those expenses right out and you still get the image of a company that has a solid business foundation. With all of the office savings, you can put your money to use in other budgets like advertising.

2. Professionalism. If you were a client whom would you rather go with: a business with a home phone and P.O. Box or someone with a corporate address and phone number? You can have the best product in the world, but if the consumer doesn’t feel safe giving you money, then you won’t have a lot of business.

3. Private and professional conference facilities. A virtual office is more than just a great phone number and an address, but it also gives conference facilities. Where are you holding client meetings right now? Do you hold so many client meetings at your local Starbucks that the baristas know you by name? Sure, that might be a nice place to meet, but does it offer the image you need? Does your home office represent quality? With your own conference facilities, you can arrange meetings with clients with pride and they will know that their privacy and respect is a concern of yours.

4. A virtual assistant. If you spend most of your days pretending to be your own secretary instead of your own boss, then you really need to get a virtual office with a virtual assistant. In many places an assistant can make or break a company. The assistant is often the first point of contact for a client and you do not want to take chances finding one that may or may not work out for you. With a virtual office, you can have a virtual assistant that will deal with most of your day-to-day relations issues like calls and emails without you needing to oversee everything. Remember: you are your own boss—Let someone else be your secretary.

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