Being a new small or medium-size business owner is a fulfilling – and risky – proposition for most who have decided to finally take on the business-world.  Many new entrepreneurs are faced with a dilemma while beginning their operations:  should they invest their precious start-up capital in a long-term lease or mortgage in exchange for a prestigious office location and professional overhead? Will this investment pay off soon enough to keep their business “in the black”?

A trend new and seasoned business owners are increasingly taking advantage of is the flexibility of renting an Executive Suite for their operations: this eliminates the risk of signing a long-term lease or mortgage while providing them the opportunity to focus their time and attention on increasing their revenue and market-share. This option also provides business owners with the following services and perks:

–          a prestigious office address situated near their client-base

–          office support such as receptionist services, mail sorting and administrative help

–          spacious and sophisticated office space and meeting rooms

–          modern communication technology at their fingertips

An Executive Office is also synonym for flexibility as your needs as a business owner evolves. Need to book a meeting room for a last-minute meeting request? The best Executive Suite providers will give you the opportunity to securely and simply book a meeting room online in a matter of seconds!

Business owners who work from home or from outside the city may also take advantage of pre-paid packages so they can receive prospective or current clients in a professional and fully-equipped business environment, as they need and only when they need! By choosing this versatile option, these businesses stand out from their competitors by meeting potential decision-makers in a fully-furnished, professionally appealing boardroom or personal office that is complete with a business center to meet their technological requirements such as high-speed internet and fax.

One additional helpful advantage business owners get by renting an Executive Suite is a personalized, professional, and welcoming reception service, which eliminates the stress of worrying about what first-impression you will make as a business owner. Many packages also offer to feature your company name on its lobby directory!

Since every business wants to increase its customer-satisfaction while saving on overhead costs, new business owners are starting on solid ground by taking advantage of the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and simplicity renting an Executive Office offers.