We posed a question to our community in the Kanata office recently. What is the magic recipe of an entrepreneur?

It had all started with a whiteboard. This giant thing on wheels. It had little strips of tape on it, creating a grid, and we needed to get it all off. It had been there for over 10 years. This tedious task morphed into a stress-reliever as everyone took a turn at taking some of the tape off. Mindless work meant to reset the brain and give some rest.

Once it was clean I was ITCHING to write on it. So I wrote, “What makes an entrepreneur”.

I had planned to brainstorm it out myself, but I invited the members of the BizLounge in Kanata to join me. Fast-forward one hour and everyone had something to contribute.

Here’s what came out of it:

This is why community matters. This is proof that when we work together, we are all better. There was a discussion, there was laughter, there were insightful nuggets of wisdom, and most of all, there was collaboration. Entrepreneurs need community. I love this tribe.

So, is it magic? Insanity? Luck? Elbow grease? Perhaps it is a little bit of all of that.


It’s an honour to bear witness to these people, building their businesses, watching their dreams turn into a reality.

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