Great Office Space for Lease Starts with Great Features

Finding the office space in Ottawa that is absolutely perfect (or at least ideal) for your business is no easy feat by any means. But it is far from impossible—you just need to know what you’re looking for. That means deciding which features have the most value for your business, what you’re willing to negotiate on, and what you absolutely won’t budge on. By narrowing down your needs and cutting out the rest, you’re sure to find the perfect space. Here are some of the most sought-after features that people look for today:

Location, Location, Location!

When looking at office space for lease, you’re no doubt going to be very conscious of the location—how easy is it to get to for employees and clients? Is it in an area surrounded by other businesses? How far do you have to go to grab a bite on your lunch break? (Hey, that last one is very important to some people!) Whether you’re looking at the commercial district downtown, the tech sector in Kanata, Ottawa’s bountiful west end, or the bustling St. Laurent area, don’t settle when it comes to location.

A Modern, Open Space

Today’s office environment favours an open-concept style that makes collaboration between employees and departments alike a breeze. The free-flowing exchange of ideas and inspiration is a valuable asset to any business striving to challenge themselves creatively and makes open-concept office space in Ottawa very popular.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

You may tell yourself you don’t need a fancy, dedicated room just to have meetings in, but there is actually a lot of value to having access to a meeting room. For starters, when you’re having internal meetings that are only attended by a part of your staff, you won’t distract those still working from being able to concentrate on the tasks they need to. But it’s also a sign of professionalism when you have external meetings—for example, with potential clients or partners. When you find office space for lease, you may either choose one with a meeting room included, or one where a meeting room can be booked on a per-use basis.

Receptionist Service

If you’re very lucky, you’ll find an office space in Ottawa that provides its own receptionist services. A fully-bilingual receptionist is an incredible asset—they add a touch of professionalism, help direct external queries where they need to go, and can handle things like scheduling, payroll, and more.

When the hunt for office space for lease is on, don’t ever settle for second best when there’s something else out there that has the features that matter to you.

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