When you’re trying to find the right space for your business, one option to consider is an executive suite. Executive suites provide business owners with an immediate and affordable solution to their office needs. Read on to find out what exactly an executive suite is and who might benefit from this office style.

What is an executive suite?

Executive suites are private and shared offices that are owned by a separate landlord or management firm. The management firm rents these offices out on a short-term basis (some are even available to rent by the hour). In this way, an executive suite helps business owners eliminate the overhead costs associated with owning or leasing a commercial space, while still providing the professional setting.

What services are included with an executive suite?

While services offered may vary from office to office, most management firms will provide tenants with basic amenities such as a furnished lobby, high-end décor, wireless Internet, break or staff areas and reception services. Many offices will also usually option tenants with a series of à la carte services and comprehensive packages. Some additional services may include secretarial services, mailing and shipping, faxing, photocopying, telephone services, etc. For an example of some comprehensive packages click here.

What kinds of business are virtual office spaces and executive suites suitable for?

Virtual office spaces such as executive suites are a suitable solution for a variety of businesses. In particular, the reduced overhead and flexible rentals make a perfect fit for home-based operations that occasionally need to host clients or personnel. Executive suites are also a sensible option for businesses whose needs frequently change (i.e. seasonal businesses). Some other renters may include visiting consultants, sales representatives, satellite businesses and/or mobile executives. The cost-effective nature gives even the smallest businesses the ability to project a professional image to clients and investors. Because services are often available on an as-needed basis, it also provides users with an environment conducive to growth.

The immediacy of executive suites makes them an advantageous option for a variety of businesses. They give smaller and/or mobile businesses the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities of a corporate office and the professional image that goes along with it. By eliminating the initial costs associated with furnishings, a monthly lease, utilities and staff, executive suites save businesses money, and perhaps most importantly, time. With an executive suite, business owners and professionals can spend their time focusing on one thing – running their business!

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