Every business starts out the same way: tiny, often with just you and maybe a small team of staff. Chances are, at the beginning, your business  doesn’t have the capital to shell out for a swanky downtown office space with professional receptionists. It takes time to build up to that point.

Unfortunately, many customers simply don’t care how hard it is for small business owners to get started – they want exceptional service right from the start, and appearances matter more than you might think.

So what can you do to give your customers the appearance of a well-established business from the get-go without breaking the bank? Taking advantage of a virtual office service in your area might be a good place to start.

Virtual offices are almost exactly what they sound like: it’s an office space with all of the bells and whistles, like reception services, but you don’t have to buy or even rent the space permanently. Often, you can use a virtual office on an as-needed basis depending on which package you purchase from the company providing it for you.

Here are just a few of the elements virtual offices can offer your business:

As-needed office space. Renting or purchasing a suitable office space in any city can be pricey – too pricey, often, for new business owners. Virtual offices can be an ideal solution if you only need an office space every now and then, such as when you’re meeting new clients or hosting a meeting. A virtual office company will rent out office spaces (which are often well furnished and equipped) for a few hours at a time as often as you need it, depending on what package you have chosen to purchase. This saves you from having to rent an office space that remains vacant much of the time.

Mailing address. Many virtual office spaces also include a mailing service, which provides a professional mailing address for your business. This way, you can avoid giving out your home address to have business packages delivered, and it gives the impression you are a bigger company. It looks much more professional to clients and vendors.

Reception. Having a phone line which begins with a receptionist gives the impression of a large, busy business with a huge team of staff. Some virtual office companies provide a receptionist to answer your phone line during office hours, and will give the option of having your customers patched through to either your cell phone or another line where you are accessible. In this way, virtual offices can offer your business a level of professionalism which comes with having a full-time receptionist.

Savings. As was mentioned before, cash flow is not always optimal in the beginning stages of starting a business. Virtual offices provide your company with a level of professionalism and gives your clients the impression of a well-established company. All for an affordable price.

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