Is a Virtual Office in Ottawa Right for Your Business?

Many of us supplement our social lives online. We chat, share ideas, connect with friends and family, and meet new people based on shared interests. But what can the virtual world do for our business? There are many industries that have experienced success making use of a virtual office. These services are different from executive suites, as they provide similar amenities without needing dedicated physical office space. You can reduce overhead costs, increase productivity, and provide flexibility to yourself, your team, and your clients. Is a virtual office in Ottawa is right for your business? Let’s find out. Here are three examples of occupations that can benefit from these services:

Writers & Editors

One of the beautiful things about writing and editing is that these jobs can be accomplished anywhere at any time. Writers find inspiration all around them, and for some, sitting in a traditional office space could makes their work suffer. Instead, having the flexibility to work from any location, while maintaining contact with clients, publishers, and more will increase productivity. Additionally, virtual office services can provide the tools necessary to accommodate virtual meetings and collaboration when physical meetings aren’t possible due to distance or time.

App Developers

Technology start-ups, like those who build and design mobile apps, can benefit from a virtual office space that provides all the amenities of a dedicated physical space without the overhead costs. You will have meeting and conference rooms available to you for both internal and external meetings—the latter will help establish your business as trustworthy and professional. Likewise, these virtual services also provide a business address without the rigidity of a dedicated office space. This means that even if you are working from home or other satellite locations, you still have a business address and personnel who will intake business-related mail and provide you with the professionalism your start-up deserves.

Project Managers

As a project manager, you’re responsible for all the moving pieces from start to finish. You organize a vast team of people from different industries and locations. You are mobile and versatile; your space needs to reflect this. Using a virtual office in Ottawa means you have all the benefits of a permanent office for you to use when you need them. You also have access to conference rooms, a professional reception space, and most importantly administrative personnel that will maintain schedules, book appointments, and organize your agenda. This type of office space will keep you on track, and your productivity will be reflected in your team.

If you are looking to cut your overhead expenses, boost productivity, and gain flexibility for your business while remaining fresh and adaptable, a virtual office could be right for you.

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