A Virtual Office Will Bring Your Business Where it Needs to Go in 2017!

With the year winding down, now is a time when many business owners reflect back on the last twelve months and assess how they can make changes to improve and grow their business in 2017. Nowadays many businesses are thinking outside the box in terms of office solutions, and ever-emerging is the concept of virtual and shared office space. By coming onboard as one of our virtual office clients, not only do you get the benefits of virtual assistant services, bilingual receptionists, directory listings, co-working lounges and more, but also these four very valid points why it just makes sense to move towards a virtual office solution in 2017.

1. Wow your clients with a Professional Image

How long has it been now that you’ve been using that room in your basement as your office? There are only so many meetings that you can hold in a coffee shop before it starts to reflect poorly on your business. When it comes time to discuss important and sensitive details of your business agreements between you and prospective or existing clients, perhaps it’s time that you step it up a notch and provide the professionalism and privacy that only a professional office can provide.

2. Virtual Business Addresses Mean Your Business Appears Larger and More Established

When potential clients Google your business online and find their way to your ‘contact us’ page, imagine the impression that will be created when they see that you have six conveniently located offices across the National Capital. Our virtual business address service means that your business can have a professional address that conveys trust. Each of our six Ottawa offices are situated in beautiful commercial buildings that are also home to the city’s most reputable, high-profile and successful companies. Now imagine your business also being there. When the world sees that you have six offices across the city it will give you the clout, and them confidence in knowing that you are a large, well-established company.

3. Location. Location. Location.

Need we say more? Your clients don’t always want to drive all the way across town to meet with you. Nor do you want to waste half your day in traffic commuting to various points in town that are inconveniently situated from your existing office. The major advantage of signing up for a virtual office program is that you gain access to multiple, offices, which are all fully equipped with everything you need. This allows you the luxury of working from the area of town that makes the most sense for you on that particular day. Perhaps most of your clients are in the downtown core early next week? Not a problem – reserve a room in our Downtown Center on Laurier Avenue. Have shopping and dinner plans in the Market after work on Monday and Tuesday? Then how about spending the day at our conveniently located ByWard Centre on Clarence Street. In doing so you’ll be able to conveniently run your errands at lunch.

4. Multiple Locations Makes you More a More Attractive Employer

Nowadays attracting and retaining great talent is not easy. With technology and changing times the workplace culture is also evolving and the reality is that many employees are looking for employers that offer flexibility, that respect work-life balance and that offer alternatives to working from the same physical location, 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. Signing up for virtual office package means that you can provide a more reactionary agreement with your staff and allow them to work from various locations across the city, which are fully equipped with all the comfort and technology to ensure their best performance. This will make your company more attractive and enticing to those professionals who want a progressive employer.

So with just a few of weeks left in December now’s the time to make a move and take action. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our virtual offices and how they can catapult your business in 2017!

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