Has the post holiday rush left you feeling disorganized?

The post holiday rush can sometimes lead to a chaotic start to the new year. Staying organized can lead to a clearer vision, keep you on track, and help you plan for any unforeseen bumps in the road. Using these tips to organize your business, you can stay on top of the chaos and come out ahead!

Here are three ways to organize your business in 2020.

Online Planners

Gone are the days of pens and papers, unfortunately. Keeping track of your tasks online can be a great way to maintain a clear work space and keep everything in one place. Online planners also let you add team members to your lists, keeping everyone in the loop and always on track.

Some of our favourite planners to use are Trello, Asana, and even Google Calendar. All these tools allow you to keep your lists organized in an easy to use space which can be accessed anywhere at anytime.


Phone Service

What is one of the biggest distractions for most people?? Phones.

They’re always with us and most of the time they are hurting our productivity more than helping it.

As a business or entrepreneur, you probably have bigger tasks to get done than answering calls from people who are trying to sell you something you don’t need. Sound familiar?

A great way to minimize distractions and organize your business is opting for a phone answering service. Not only is it great for business development, but it provides a professional feel to your clients when they call and it allows you to only take the calls which are important to your business! TCC Canada offers this service to our clients, meaning you can work from one of our offices or the comfort of your own home, while still utilizing this organization method. You can learn more about it here: More information on Virtual Services

Business Mail Service

Junk mail clogging up the space in your mailbox where your cheques should be going?

Using a mailing service can provide you with the ability to skip over the junk mail and only get the mail which you want to receive. TCC Canada Virtual Office clients have the option to add on Mail Services when they sign up with us. This gives you a business address to use so you don’t have to use your personal address for things like websites, newsletters, or business cards. It also gives you the ability to get your mail forwarded to an address of your choice, keeping you that much more organized in your business. By storing all your mail in one place, you can keep your business mail organized and forget the junk!

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