We have entered an unprecedented time with businesses being forced to close or move to remote working due to the COVID pandemic. This can leave people feeling overwhelmed with the transition to working from home, especially if they are not used to it.

Maintaining productivity during a time of crisis is crucial to businesses being able to come out successful once the crisis passes. We want to help you and your employees adjust to working remotely to allow you to be the most productive during this challenging time!

adjusting to working remotely at home1. Set Up A Designated Workspace In Your Home

It doesn’t have to be fancy but giving yourself a place to work will allow you to focus better while working remotely. Try to keep it tidy and as quiet as possible (this can be tricky with children at home) to give yourself a clear space to work. It also allows you to maintain a “workspace” and a “home space” for work-life balance; something which is very important to maintain while working remotely, especially during a crisis.


2. Set Specific Work Hours

When you’re working at home, it can be easy to lose your work-life balance. You begin working whenever you have the chance which can lead to full days with no clear balance between “work-life” and “home life”. During this time of social distancing, it is really important to do things that benefit your mental health and finding that work-life balance is top of the list. To avoid losing that separation, give yourself set working hours that you know you can get stuff done during. This will give you the chance to leave work at “work” so you can unwind at the end of the day.

adjusting to working remotely from home3. Video Call Co-workers To Maintain Communication

When you’re working remotely, communication can easily start to slip. Being in an office with your co-workers is great because you rarely have to go far to reach them and the communication is always there. To avoid losing that communication, set up daily video calls and communication tools to stay in touch, just as if you were in the office!


4. Get Dressed On Workdays

One of the best parts of working remotely is the ability to work in your pyjamas and no one will know! We recommend keeping the PJ days to a minimum as it can hinder your productivity when it feels like you’re ready for bed. Getting dressed on works days will help you switch into work mode so you can concur the days with confidence!


Your business doesn’t have to stop during this time. During the time of social distancing, there is still online work. Let us help you with your Virtual Services for your business! Get in touch with us today.