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Who We Are

The business world has gone through incredible changes in the last 25 years—and TCC Canada has stayed in the game by keeping up with these changes and staying at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and trends. During that time, we’ve also strived to continuously meet the always-changing demands of independent specialists, professional consultants, and businesses of every size. We provide the business hub that today’s professionals need to thrive.

Less than 10 years ago, knowledge-based workers needed better connectivity. Professionals like lawyers, consultants, brokers, and programmers had desktop computers that were wired to printers, fax machines and probably a server in a dedicated office.

Nowadays, you still need space, but not necessarily dedicated full time. A good Wi-Fi connection with occasional use of printers and back up services is more the norm today.

We provide access to a full suite of office and management resources including executive office space, meeting and conference rooms, and shared work spaces, as well as reception services, amenities, and utilities. The result is that you get everything you need to focus on meeting your productivity and social needs with low overhead and no damaging long-term commitments, all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and sophistication.

To keep pace with the way that new businesses operate in the 21st century landscape, TCC has also introduced virtual office space solutions for modern entrepreneurs who require a virtual presence including a corporate address which shows your potential clients your brand and image, personalized professional phone answering, co-working corporate business lounge access, reception, and access to furnished meeting and conference rooms. Perfect for all large, medium or small businesses as well as startups, our Virtual Identity Program (VIP) is growing in popularity, keeping us ahead of the curve with how today’s professionals do business.

Whether it’s a full-time executive office or a cutting-edge virtual presence, TCC Canada provides your business with forward-thinking solutions that rise to the challenges of today’s market.