As modern technology and the business sector continue to evolve, more and more professionals are branching off from the traditional way of working: stuck in an office, working for a large company and for someone else’s goals. In today’s world, there are more people self-employed and more entrepreneurial businesses than ever before, and that’s changing the way office space is being utilized.
Nowadays, there are several companies offering temporary office space to self-employed business people or small start-ups who need a professional, efficient space to conduct meetings, interviews or a variety of other scenarios.
Renting an executive suite from one of these companies is not only a great way to cut down on the costs of owning or renting and office space full-time, but it also provides a great alternative to meeting prospective clients or new partners in your home office. Sure, your home office may do the trick for making phone calls and answering emails in your slippers, but a having a slick-looking executive suite at your disposal is a great alternative to really knock the socks off of your peers and give you a leg-up over your competition.
Here are just a few self-employed professional who could really benefit from renting a temporary office space or executive suite:

Start-ups. Renting a temporary office space for meetings and interviews is a great way for small start-up businesses to save money while still looking high-end and professional. Utilizing the space only for the few days that you’ll need it can be a great way to cut down on capital until your business is booming enough for you to set up shop full-time.

Freelancers. The go-to meeting place for many freelancers – journalists, architects, cabinetmakers, you name it – when they’re meeting potential clients is a loud, busy coffee shop, and that’s just not ideal most of the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a modern, private and professional executive suite to bring clients to? A temporary office space is a great way to be able to really wow your potential clients without having to commit to a huge cost.

Telecommuters. With email and high-speed Internet becoming more widely available, many people are choosing to work from home offices instead of commuting into work. Temporary executive suites can be a great solution for telecommuters who occasionally need to meet with clients or to interview new employees.

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