This week our TCCcares Small Business Campaign spotlight is on Paphus Solutions Inc. We chatted with James Paphus, the founder and CEO of Paphus Solutions Inc and got to know how he started this business and how they’re using artificial intelligence to help businesses internationally. Read on to learn more or watch the interview below.

What services does Paphus Solutions offer?

James Paphus has worked in software solutions for 30 years and started his career working for a small company, which was then acquired by a larger organization, Oracle.  After 13 years of working for Oracle, James wanted to get back to his roots and interests in Artificial Intelligence and decided to start Paphus Solutions Inc.

Paphus Solutions Inc. provides businesses with different Artificial Intelligence services ranging from custom AI programs to setting up their own AI services which they’ve created. The most popular AI service they provide business with is the ChatBot platform. This AI service allows businesses to create a chatbot that can keep in contact with their clients without having to be there, physically, 24/7.

How has the pandemic shifted the way Paphus Solutions Inc. runs?

Paphus Solutions Inc had always been primarily remote-based due to many of their clients being international. This allowed them to make the shift during the pandemic very easy and seamless. They’ve noticed an increase in business since the shutdown has happened which is great for their business! Due to many businesses having to make the shift to remote and virtual services, they’ve noticed an increasing need for AI services in the business world.

How can you get in touch with Paphus Solutions Inc.?

If you would like to use Paphus Solutions Inc’s services you can find more information at reach out via phone (613)421-0445, email, or Skype: Paphussolutions.

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