This week our TCCcares Small Business Campaign spotlight is on Comm2pO. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jihane Hoummady to get to know Comm2pO and all of their incredible services. Read on to learn more or watch the interview below.

What services does Comm2pO offer?

Comm2pO is a digital marketing agency with big capabilities! They work with clients in Montreal and Ottawa to help them improve their digital image. In a time when things are becoming primarily virtual, your digital footprint needs to make a big impact. Comm2pO helps you regain control of your online presence. Comm2pO offers help with your digital strategy, marketing, social media and SEO, advertising, google ads, and branding.

How has the pandemic shifted the way Comm2pO runs?

Comm2pO was primarily face to face business. With the pandemic and shut down this past year, they have had to take their business completely virtual. They are still able to assist clients in all the services they previously offer but have had to move to remote meetings. Comm2pO is not letting the pandemic get in their way! Instead, they are doing their best to help clients take their business virtual, as well.

How can you get in touch with Comm2pO?

If you would like to use Comm2pO’s services you can find out more at, email them at or call them at (343)988-5598.

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