One of the toughest decisions to start any business is deciding where to locate yourself. Business practices have changed significantly in the 21st century, especially where and how people conduct business. A number of people have moved from owning their office spaces to renting them. And for a number of good reasons.


How this system works is very simple. Currently, there are many types of office space in Ottawa available for rental. Companies exist that rent out meeting and conference rooms for other businesses. It’s a great win-win situation. When you flourish and prosper with your business, they will too.

Cost Savings

Cost is one of the largest factors of starting any business, and plays a fundamental role in choosing office space. Traditionally it’s been deemed better to own your office space, because it’s an investment in your business. But if you’re a start-up or small business that is constantly expanding you’ll likely out grow your first few offices as your team continues to flourish.

Renting meeting and conference rooms is undoubtedly cheaper, and saves much more money for small and medium-sized businesses. When you rent from an office space rental company you not only have the flexibility of choosing to pay only for the times and dates you will be using the space but you also have a choice of locations, meaning you can rent different facilities based on the needs of your ever-growing staff.

Liberty of Location

You also have the preference of choosing what setting you’d like to work in. Many meeting and conference rooms for rental are located in a variety of places. Big city feel? There are offices in the downtown core of Ottawa. Somewhere a bit quieter? Office space in Ottawa also exists in more residential areas.

Efficiency and Convenience

Renting office space in Ottawa is both efficient and convenient. For starters, you don’t need to worry about high overhead costs or infrastructure maintenance, because that’s not your responsibility. And of course, boardrooms come fully configured with Internet, phones, and furniture.

When renting, you literally pay for what you use, with most companies charging at an hourly rate. Of course, for extended use, there are special packages offered. It’s convenient because all amenities and rooms will be provided for you, without having to renovate the building yourself.

Virtual Office Space

Lastly, virtual office space is one of the recent innovations of modern business. This is a great option for those who only need office space from time to time, maybe to meet with clients or hold meetings. And the great thing is, using virtual offices often includes receptionists and courier service.

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