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Staging Executive Office Rental Spaces

By March 20, 2014 No Comments

Office rental spaces are a competitive market. There are a number of companies and business owners who need an office rental space. There are also many office rental spaces looking to find good tenants to rent out the spaces on a regular basis. If you want to be considered a competitor in the rental market, you will have to provide attractive staging of your office rentals. If you wish to make your executive office spaces look inviting to businesses, follow a few steps to prepare.

Have Regular Cleaning

A cleaning service for an office rental space is a must. Sometimes rentals depend on tenants to clean up, however, a professional cleaning service can take your offices to the next level. Regular cleaning of the office rental, including vacuuming, trash removal, and window washing will make the office gleam. A clean space is much more pleasing to the senses and business ready in appearance.

Invest in Executive Office Furniture

Executive office furniture is a must if you wish to create a space that is desirable by businesses. Though it may be tempting to go bare bones with furniture, purchasing quality furniture will help your rentals desirability and rental rates in the future. Desks and chairs are the first items of importance. Make sure that the desks all match and are a cohesive color and style. Chairs should be padded and comfortable if possible.

While purchasing furniture, make sure that your furniture will be able to hold up over several years. By purchasing quality, you will save money in making furniture replacements while keeping your office rental spaces looking like the C-level executive office that you are going for.

Appeal to the Area

It is not uncommon for career professionals to commute to a different area to work. The best way to make sure that your executive office rental space is attractive is to appeal to the primary businesses in the area. If your office rental space is located in an area that is primarily fashion oriented, having dressing dummies available or sewing tables ready will greatly increase the appeal. If IT companies run the gamut in your city, be sure that you have many computer desks available, as well as the plugs and internet capabilities than an IT firm would need.

An executive office suite should always be ready for renters. By properly staging your space, you should can attract key tenants who utilize your office rental long term.

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