Your Ottawa-Based Office Space Should Be Friendly—Keep It That Way

When you get your first desk job, it can be a bit of a culture shock. Especially when sharing an open office space, Ottawa businesses try their best to promote an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie. While you may not even notice your persistent pen clicking, or think that constantly quoting Sterling Archer or characters from The Office endears you to your coworkers, there are dos and don’ts to working in a shared office space.

Employ Constructive Criticism

Anyone can complain, and your knack for griping about every little thing isn’t impressing any of your coworkers—it’s annoying them. If you’re upset about the way something in your workplace is being executed, it’s best to say something constructive, or say nothing at all. Approaching an issue with a potential solution in hand is always more productive. Just don’t be bossy or pushy about your suggestions, especially not if you’re the new kid in the office. There’s a fine line between trying to help and telling other people how to do their jobs.

Keep Your Music Down

Office space can become hectic, and you need to focus. It’s okay to play music to help yourself get into productivity mode—many people do it. But while you may think that Zeppelin IV is a stroke of artistic genius beyond compare, there’s a good chance the person sitting closest to you doesn’t share your enthusiasm. If you can’t shell out for the headphones that prevent your coworkers from hearing every note of “When the Levee Breaks,” then it’s better for everyone if you keep the volume low.

Be Friendly, but Know the Limit

Everyone appreciates a colleague who is easy to talk to, who smiles and makes eye contact in conversation. But your office space in Ottawa can get really uncomfortable really quickly if you overshare on personal details, and even more quickly if you ask invasive questions or make inconsiderate remarks. And of course, being too chatty can become just as disruptive to other workers as your aforementioned musical tastes. Keep things professional.

Don’t Abuse the Email System

The people you share your office space with will like you much better if you don’t spam them. Always follow best email practices—don’t CC someone unless they specifically need to be included on a particular conversation, and don’t use the work email server to send asinine or annoying messages. It’s the office email server—use it for office-related communication.

Respecting those you share your office space in Ottawa with can make your work experience a much more enjoyable one.

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