Whether you’re in meeting and conference rooms, or out and about, you can amp up your productivity!

Just as marketing lingo and office supply orders are necessary to any business, big or small, so too are meetings, whether you are a 3-person operation or a corporation with 3000 employees. Too often, meetings are perceived as a waste of time, redundant, or simply an easy way to grab some free Timbits and coffee. Here are some ideas to consider so that the team members attending your meeting not only feel engaged but are also ready to emerge from your conference facilities ready to take action!

Keep up the Momentum

Set an agenda and keep the conversation relevant and focused. Don’t let a Wally Windbag or Tina Talksalot derail the train of thought. Set-up your meeting or conference room so that the participants attending can utilize a whiteboard to mini-brainstorm something they’d like to share or simply park it for later discussion. Ensure that the conference facilities you are using have everything you need to get things done!

Make It a Conversation, Not Just a Presentation

If you start the meeting with a quick overview of what to expect, those attending should instantly feel like there’s a plan of action. Break the predictability of the 90-minute management spiel! Go around the room and let everyone be heard. some may squirm if they’re used to staying quiet and doodling, but engage them; you never know what fabulous ideas may crop up.

Change Things Up

If you can, hold the occasional meeting off-site or in new surroundings. whether it’s conventional conference facilities, or a less traditional venue like an arcade or a patio, you can be sure they’ll assemble with renewed energy and drive! Much better than shuffling off to your usual meeting room, straining to hear your desk phone ring while you’re knee-deep in PowerPoint presentations.

Don’t Let It Become Boring

When you’re the leader, you set the tone. Be sure to show enthusiasm and passion and your commitment to the task at hand. This will clearly demonstrate to your team that this matters to you, too. Take a moment in the conference facilities to remind them that you’re glad they’re on your team and that you appreciate their work!

Keep it Brief

A meeting that is constructive and concise will benefit in many ways—such as fewer productivity disruptions since everyone will be back to their duties promptly, and team members who will be ready and willing to participate knowing that the meeting won’t be a chatter-palooza!

There you have it! Organizing and delivering a successful meeting isn’t rocket science but it does require a few basic elements and a certain level of savoir-faire. Put all of the actions mentioned above in place, and you’ll never have a wasted moment in your meeting and conference rooms.

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