A Guide to Choosing Office Space for Lease

Are you a part of a growing business? Is your business striving for a more professional reputation? There are office solutions optimal for both large and small businesses, which will allow you to enhance overall productivity. Don’t fight the change! An office space in Ottawa may be just what you need to help you succeed.

Physical vs. Virtual

In the city, there are both traditional and non-traditional office spaces for lease. Having a physical space for your company will allow you to operate more efficiently, and can provide you with the means to carry out a number of different weekly procedures. When looking into various types of office space for lease, it is important to identify the type of space you will need. Offices can be used for a general work space for you and your employees, and meeting rooms can be used for interviews and board meetings. For larger functions with higher capacities, executive office suites are sometimes preferred. A physical office space often allows you to be more organized, and to appear more professional.

In this day and age, online businesses are on the rise. That’s why it’s also extremely important to look into the option of leasing a virtual office space in Ottawa. This service will provide you with a shared business lounge, a virtual business address that you can use on your company website, as well as assistance features, which include bilingual receptionists who answer your calls. A virtual office allows you to cultivate a presence among other businesses in the Ottawa area, and is an extremely flexible and cost effective option for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


When looking at office space options in Ottawa, it’s important to determine the type of area in which you want your office to be located. These include:

• Urban, city center location
• Queensway location
• Residential/retail/dining location
• Industrial location

An office space for lease in the downtown area would allow your firm to be located in the center of the city, offering you access to a number of different business opportunities. Locations near a highway allow for an easy commute. Office spaces in residential and retail areas have a lot more traffic and are easier to access, and industrial locations are useful for interacting with people from different industries. Each area will benefit your business differently.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that leasing office space in Ottawa will allow you to conduct your business more professionally. Give yourself the tools to excel in the business world; space is not always a bad thing!

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