Welcome to Our Community! 

Are you ready for your close-up? The interview hot seat is waiting for you!

Every month we spotlight a member of TCC Canada. We ask the hard-hitting questions like who they are, what to do they do, and what their favourite kind of ice cream is. Our goal at TCC is to foster a collaborative environment. With clients in every industry, chances are we know someone who can help you with whatever business needs you might have.

By focusing on a new client each month, we can further facilitate partnerships that benefit everyone. This grows our community, your business, and everyone’s network!

Each month you will hear from a member about their business, their role, and some personal details because the people behind the business and the relationships we create are so important!

Interested in being a profiled, featured member this coming month? Here’s what’s involved:

  • a blog post on our website
  • a spot in the TCC newsletter, which reaches upwards of 1,000 subscribers
  • social media content strategically planned by our marketing team shared on our social media platforms
  • increased exposure and introduction to hundreds of potentials contacts, customers, and solution providers
  • an opportunity to host a Lunch and Learn or a Perk Your Brain session

For more information, send us an email us at community@tcccanada.com today!


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