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This month we bring you three community members: nandbox, DCS Global and Comm2p0. Take a look at what they do, and how they can help you!


Meet Youcef Fouzar! Director of Research and Development for nandbox Inc.

About your company:

nandbox launched its first messaging App nandbox® Messenger in June 2016 that manages multiple profiles for a single account in an asynchronous messaging system (international patent here). nandbox® Messenger has already reached two million downloads with highest rated Messaging App in the communication category worldwide. nandbox is a B2B and B2C company that provides development of a high quality and reliable platform. nandbox’s focus is to build a platform where communities can build their own messaging App and start connecting with their own subscribers. nandbox targets four different communities: retailers, education, sports clubs and teams, & TV communities. To serve a large number of businesses and consumers, we developed an innovative platform that generates automatically a top quality App within few minutes and zero effort.

About your role:

As an R&D director, I strive to develop great ideas and transform them into real and crazy products. I help define the roadmap of the company and manage daily tasks, including communication with wonderful people from TCC!

Where do you hang out?:

Nice or bad weather: Kids Kingdom, Xtreme Trampoline Park and Funhaven

Nice weather: Barbecue at Andrew Haydon Park

People I hang out with: I enjoy hanging out with my best buddies – my kids!

When you were 9 you…:

I don’t remember if I was at any point 9 years old, I always felt older. I learned the sense of responsibility at a very early age and I was self-pushing to accomplish great things. I was born knowing how to bike and swim.

How do you want to help the community?

I enjoy building nice apps, some of which are free for non-profit associations. If you know any non-profit organization that needs an App, please contact me! Also, if you are a business and looking for top-notch App, you are welcome to contact me as well, I will not let you down! We can support any size of business, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve got you covered!



Andre Ladouceur is the Nation VP – Canada for DCS Global, and an active TCC community member!

DCS Global is Canada’s preeminent leader in Custodial Consulting. DCS helps you project manage RFP’s, get quality service, and increase sustainability in your buildings all while simultaneously helping you get the best value from service providers.


About your role:

My role is National Vice President of Canada, which incorporates all Sales, Operational, and Marketing activities across Canada.

What is your favourite thing to do in Ottawa?:

I would say a host of different family related activities, especially around Family Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc.  What I love about Ottawa is how you can literally travel East to West, South to North in 20 minutes or less.  As well, being into cottage country within a half hour is awesome!

When you were 9 you….

I had visions of being a hockey player in the NHL, or a football player for my beloved New York Jets.

How do you want to help the  TCC Community?: 

It is my belief that people and relationships are the most important thing in any business or industry.  Networking with people and making connections and sharing opportunities and ideas with people in the TCC Community is something that I relish and am excited to participate in!



Jihane Hoummady is the president and owner of Comm2p0. She is an active member of our community, a regular contributor to our lunch-and-learn initiatives, and ambassador for TCC.

About your company:

Comm2pO is a bilingual boutique digital marketing agency based in Ottawa & Montreal. We help you get noticed through our storytelling and by using the latest digital marketing strategies so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Our mission is to improve the human experience in the digital landscape by:

  • Encouraging Canadian entrepreneurs to better position themselves online and on social media
  • Ensuring your needs are met by offering professional, flexible services with a team that is resourceful, creative and available whenever you need us
  • Providing the services of a large agency at a competitive price.

What is your favourite thing to do?:

We like to hang out at the Barley Mow or at the Jazz Bar in The Brookstreet Hotel when we’re in Kanata. In Montreal, you’ll often find us either at the Knox tavern or at Le Bureau.

When you were 9 you….:

I wanted to be a figure skater like Elizabeth Manley. That never happened, and I am now starting to learn how to skate. Both my little ones are now figure-skaters and are starting their first competitions this year!

How do you want to help the community?:

When I’m not working, you’ll often find me volunteering at different events within the community. I volunteer regularly with my daughters’ school, with their skating clubs, with my neighbourhood association and I also have Comm2pO volunteer every now and then for causes that we believe in.


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