Daniel Livvarcin, a retired Navy Captain and engineer, has volunteered all his life. When he realized that his volunteering could only help so many people, he started his search for a way that would allow him to help hundreds of organizations. This was the driving force behind the start of Vector’s Group.

Vector’s group is a management consultant company, specializing in the non-profit sector. Its sister company, Vector’s Institute, is a professional development and training centre. Both work with non-profit organizations to help them grow and to be sustainable.

Initially, they had opened these services to everyone. They have since redirected to only offering support services to the non-profit sector. This has led them to help over 200 non-profit organizations in the past 6 years. They work with food banks, community organizations, and shelters. Being able to see the results of how their services affect people’s lives has been a fantastic feeling for Daniel and his team.

Vector’s Group joined TCC Canada in September 2021. “It was a big decision!” Daniel expressed. They started here, first, for personal motivation and as a way to treat the company for the success, they had seen. “I love it here. It surpasses my initial expectations. I was looking for a space and always thought that I was okay with just a table and chair. Since I’ve worked in non-profit organizations, I’ve had small offices in community hubs, and they didn’t have any windows or luxury.”

“From my first day at TCC Canada, my whole motivation changed, and I am so excited to come to work every morning. You meet people and talk with other people and that’s an amazing experience. The workplace environment is great, and I’ve noticed how important it is to have a good work environment.”

Daniel noted, “I’ve noticed that it’s good for my customers too. Occasionally, I like to host meetings here and when they come here, they say “Oh, this is an amazing place.” I can see how it influences their decision because it’s not just the product or service that you offer, it’s also the whole context. The context of where you offer it, how you offer it. This has positively affected my business.”

“During covid, most of the non-profit organizations decided to slow down their operations, and especially cut their consulting and training costs” he explained. “But I was able to grow after I moved to TCC. I can see the value of being here, I like it. TCC is also a socially responsible company.”

Vector’s Group tries to motivate non-profit organizations to institutionalize themselves and Daniel stated, that this starts with having a nice office. “It’s not just a desk or table, it’s more than that.  If you provide this type of working environment for your employees, you will be amazed by their performance and the overall impact. It’s not only essential for the businesses, but also for the non-profit organizations to grow and they need to be next to other businesses. They need corporate sponsors, more visibility, individual donors, and closer to where the money is. TCC is a great opportunity for non-profit organizations and charities.”

To learn more about Daniel and his company Vector’s Group, visit http://www.vectorsgroup.com/ and http://www.vectorsinstitute.com/.

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