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December Member Spotlight

This month we introduce Pacesetter STEM Recruiting. Read on to learn about what they do, and how they can help!

About the Company

Pacesetter STEM Recruiting specializes in sourcing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent for roles that have a fundamental impact on the success of an organization.  Working exclusively with STEM talent, Pacesetter has a vast network of contacts and looks for talent where HR departments or other recruitment specialists do not have the time or resources to go.

Working with a range of organizations from start-ups to not-for-profits to well-established corporations, Pacesetter finds the specialized knowledge and expertise that allow organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.


About Mike Bonikowsky: 

As Managing Director of a start-up, I wear many hats including business development, networking with STEM professionals and students, and project delivery/execution.  Promoting STEM careers amongst youth and students is important to me as I believe it is vital to global innovation, Canada’s economic growth and improving our standard of living.  We need more STEM graduates!

Editor’s note: He is arguably the nicest human in the office. Just so you know.


What Is your favourite thing to do in Ottawa?:

Going to Redblacks games and enjoying the great atmosphere of Lansdowne with friends and family.


When you were 9 you….(fill in the blank):

When I was 9 and growing up in an aviation family, I was dreaming of airplanes and being a fighter pilot or astronaut.


How do you want to help the TCC Community?:

If anyone in the TCC Community is looking for STEM talent, I would love to chat to see how I can help and how we might be able to collaborate and grow our businesses together.



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