A recent report done by Statistics Canada has found that over 1.7 million Canadians work from home, or telecommute, mostly part time. However, with advances in the Internet, communications technology and computers, it is becoming more and more possible to have your workforce work from home on a full-time basis.

The benefits of having a full-time telecommuting policy are numerous, including the cost savings of not having to lease a business office space and conference facilities, or to buy office furniture and supplies. In addition, the Statistics Canada report has found that people who telecommute tend to have higher job satisfaction, which means that as a business owner you are less likely to have employee turnover. Having a work-from-home business also means that your employees do not have to commute to get to work, which improves traffic congestion in your city and protects the environment by keeping more cars off of the road.

However, even with all of the benefits of having your staff work from home, some companies are hesitant to institute a work-from-home policy full time. The reasons for this can range from fears that the staff will be disconnected, or that clients won’t take the company seriously if you don’t have a business office space or professional conference facilities for meetings.

The good news is that there are companies commonly referred to as “virtual office space” companies that offer flexible business office space and conference facilities for companies that only want to use these facilities on a casual basis. With these types of arrangements, a company can have their employees work from home for most of the week, and then rent a business office space from time-to-time to get their staff together for face-to-face meetings and updates, and to work on collaborative projects.

When you move your business over to a telecommuting model, you can also use the services of a virtual office space company to rent conference facilities when you want to have client meetings. Hosting your clients at the conference facilities of a virtual office space provider allows you to project a professional image to your clients while you and your employees get to enjoy all of the benefits of working from home full time.

So now that you are aware of the business office space and conference facilities available to your business through a virtual office space provider, why not institute a full time work-from-home policy? A virtual office space provider can make a work-from-home policy work for your business, which means you can finally realize the benefits to your company’s finances, your employee satisfaction, and the environment when you allow your staff to telecommute full time.