Whether you are a small startup looking to grow, or an experienced business looking to expand, a shared office space may be the solution that your business has been looking for.

No matter the reason, deciding to expand your business into a professional office environment can be a big step, especially in today’s dynamic marketplace. If you are concerned about cost, flexibility or you simply don’t think your business needs would be met in a traditional work environment, a shared office space could be the answer. Below are some of the many benefits of working in a shared business office space:


Establishing a new office can be expensive and time-consuming. A shared office space is extremely cost effective, and provides the opportunity to work in a sophisticated environment that includes furniture, services, and aesthetic design that young businesses may not otherwise be able to afford. Sharing your office space also frees you from the responsibility of acquiring costly technology such as high-speed internet, fax and phone lines, and administrative help. You can share these costs with other businesses.


In a shared space, your office management is taken care of, which means that you will never have to worry about things such as infrastructure improvements and administrative functions. Your office space also includes services that help your business run smoothly, such as reception and telephone services, on-site IT support, mail handling services and security.


Signing a long-term office space lease can be daunting, even if you are completely confident about the future of your business. A shared office space allows you to cater to your business’ needs, even if they change from month to month, or even day by day. Whether an executive suite rental would suit your needs, or you require a virtual office to be used on an as-needed basis, shared business office space is low-risk and flexible when compared to the alternative.


Conducting your business in a shared office space can provide excellent opportunities to network with others in the same location. This close contact with like-minded professionals can lead to key partnerships, collaboration and innovation. Your business office space could lend itself to a sense of community not often found in traditional office settings.


Projecting the right image for your business can be an integral aspect of creating business. Having a professional office setting, where you have a place to sit down and meet with clients, and a prestigious business address to use when interacting with potential clients, can make your clients feel comfortable and reassures them that you are established and qualified.

A shared business office space is extremely adaptable and is designed to meet the individual needs of today’s businesses, while keeping costs down and productivity on the rise. If you haven’t yet considered this possibility, it may be time that you do!

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