Our New Ottawa Business Lounge Fosters Community for Hard-Working, Goal-Oriented Professionals

If you’ve been following our social media or frequenting our offices, you’ve likely heard that we have opened a new, sixth location—the Central BizLounge. And if you’ve passed the corner of Laurier and O’Connor, you may have even seen it yourself. So what’s so special about this new location? Why did we decide to open a business lounge in downtown Ottawa? And what does it offer you?

Our very first dedicated business lounge was a natural next step for TCC Canada. Between the popularity of similar lounge areas at several of our main locations, and the shift towards co-working spaces around the world, it simply made sense to continue striving to meet the needs of a growing and changing business world.

What Is a Co-Working Space?

Co-working spaces, like our new Central BizLounge, are a model for workplace culture that has been steadily growing in popularity for a few years now. Instead of cubicles and individual offices, these spaces favour a more open-concept design, and instead of one business or entrepreneur occupying them, they are shared by a multitude of different professionals from numerous business sectors.

What Are the Benefits?

First, there are the basics: our new downtown Ottawa business lounge has Wi-Fi, a copier/printer/fax, and complimentary coffee and tea. However, to really understand the benefit this sort of space offers, you need to understand what’s been driving the popularity of this concept.

Business Lounge

A Different Kind of Energy

Productivity is not fostered by isolation. Whether you’re sitting at home working on your small business or in a secluded office in a towering high-rise, this is a real issue. This is why many people, from graphic designers to lawyers, have embraced co-working—when you are surrounded by other hard-working entrepreneurs and business owners, you start to feel more motivated and energized.

Chance Encounters, Game-Changing Collaboration

When you work on your own or with people who have the same skillsets, you can run into limitations. On the other hand, being surrounded by individuals with diverse talents opens up a world of possibilities. The person sitting next to you might just have a solution to your biggest challenge, or a skill that you can benefit from. Making connections is one of the biggest aspects of what makes co-working appealing. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something specific, you can always ask the centre’s community managers—they may just know exactly the resource you need to meet.

It’s Cheaper than a Coffee Shop

Now we’re not knocking coffee shops—for years they’ve provided a great work environment for students and freelancers alike. However, if you use our business lounge daily, your membership comes out to approximately ten dollars a day—less than you might spend on a day’s worth of lattes.

You’re Becoming Part of a Community

There’s more to networking than simply meeting people whose skills address your needs. It’s about sharing and exchanging ideas, inspiring one another, and sharing in your successes. It’s about enriching each other’s lives and careers. At the Central BizLounge, we’re very focused on building a community, by reaching out to new businesses, hosting events and seminars, and making introductions wherever they’re needed.

If you would like to become a part of our community, drop on by our new location at 140 O’Connor Street in downtown Ottawa and see for yourself how this workspace model could be perfect for you!

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