Get the Best from Your Business Office Space with These Four Simple Tips

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it—but if it can be improved, a little tinkering will not be wasted. This is especially true for your office. The modern office space is a wonderful thing, but there are always little tweaks here and there that can bring the best out of your team in terms of productivity, quality of work, job satisfaction, and more. From little changes to a fresh take on design, here are a few tips to get the absolute best out of your business office space:

Focus on Ergonomics

It’s easy to neglect the ergonomics of your office space, as every different employee has different needs. Take the time to open up a discussion where each employee has the opportunity to articulate any issues they currently face with their physical work space. This gives you an opportunity to find a unique solution for every individual employee using either the resources already at your disposal, or items purchased after a quick trip to your local office-supply store. Little things like putting computer monitors on risers so tall employees don’t strain their backs and necks, or supplying wrist supports for a keyboard and mouse, can make a world of difference.

Increase Natural Light

Did you know that, even on an overcast day, the sun still produces more light than most light bulbs ever could? While we’re not suggesting you stop using overhead lighting in your business office space, if you do have the opportunity to let in natural light, seize that opportunity. You can also use strategically-placed mirrors to increase the range and reach of that light!

Numerous studies have shown that natural light increases people’s productivity, improves mood, and leads to more creativity and energy—not to mention that people who get more sun tend to sleep better at night, increasing the likelihood that your employees will return more rested every morning.

Bring a Bit of the Outdoors Inside

Natural light isn’t the only thing that has major benefits for the workplace—so does nature! Having plants in the office is a great way to take advantage of the power of nature, since plants purify the air and have positive benefits on people’s health, happiness, and productivity. Cracking a window open for some fresh air when weather permits is also a great way to let nature into your office space.

Reduce Clutter

Now, we’re not suggesting that you’d ever let your business office space turn into a total disaster, but even little bits of clutter can become distracting. Get your employees into the habit of spending their last five-to-ten minutes on Friday afternoons tidying their workstations as well as common areas. When you come into a clean office in the morning, Mondays don’t seem quite so bad!

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