You want an office that is functional, cost-efficient, visually appealing and comfortable for you and your staff. When the time comes to consider new office spaces for your growing company, there are typically four main things to consider:


Right off the bat you should have an idea of how much square footage your office rental will need to be to accommodate your staff and operations. It’s common to overestimate how much space you need, or underestimate future expansion, particularly if you are a new business. Spend some time mapping out possible scenarios for desk positions and placement of equipment. Consider if you would like the space to be furnished or if you will be bringing your own fittings. What kind of amenities will you need to provide? Things like whether you require more than one kitchen, the size of meeting rooms and washrooms all need to be well-thought out in advance of choosing a space.


The layout is key to the function and comfort of an office. There has been a major shift towards modern open-concept offices over the tight cubicle office space of yester-year. What kind of layout best fits your office culture? Do you need space for a Zen garden or company slide? Is privacy an issue? Does your office rental need to provide ample meeting and creative room? Is it more practical to have easy access to everyone on your team? Is noise an issue? Most office spaces need a combination of dedicated and open office space.


In real estate we all know it’s all about location, location, location. So, what type of neighbourhood meets your office space needs? Will you host a lot of client meetings in your office rental? If so, a central location with ample parking might be best. Where are your employees coming from and how will they get there? You may need to consider things like access to public transport and highways. If your business does not require personal meetings or public transport, a quieter neighbourhood might be a better choice.


We’re talking about business, right? And what business is not concerned with its bottom line? Working out your search criteria in the above three categories can help you determine the right space for your money. If you are looking to minimize your monthly expenses, it’s becoming common to share a space with another organization, cutting costs by sharing equipment and amenities is an option. Renting instead of buying can save you some major expense when it comes to office space, furniture and equipment. Always remember to strike a balance between need, comfort and nice-to-have. Many office buildings will have room for you to expand to in the future.

Choosing the right office rental space for your business is a big decision. Taking the time to consider all of your options and requirements ahead can save you time and effort when making the move.

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