I still remember my first day working at a major hotel chain in a big Canadian city. I was asked to follow a senior staff member around as he juggled multiple demands and even more clients than I could keep up with.

We were suddenly called to an upstairs suite that was converted in a meeting room for the day. First task: make sure the bed was neatly tucked away!

We arrived upstairs and then: panic.

Indeed, the client had booked the suite as a meeting room in order to deliver a presentation to prospective clients. Rather than rent an office space, he had decided to take simply book a suite with Internet access for the night.

However, the Internet—which he needed for his presentation—was not functioning properly. In fact, it was not working at all.

Needless to say, he was panicking and I could understand his frustration. The hotel scrambled to find a technician who was already working on issues relating to other guests, and thankfully resolved the situation in the nick of time, while our guest’s prospective clients looked on.

I can assure you that this was probably the last time this client considered a hotel for his meeting room rentals!

Today, because of my job, I do still travel somewhat and have noticed that Internet access is not always consistent in hotels, whether big or small.

These experiences proved to me that my best option when I require an office space in Ottawa—or any city for that matter—is to rent an office space from reputable meeting room rental centers.  As I have found out, it seems many businesses in Canada and in the United States are now also following the same trend.

As someone who relies on executive room rentals as a way to save costs and provide a terrific meeting space for my guests and clients, I also immensely appreciate the consistency of the service delivery.

There is nothing I appreciate more than knowing that my careful preparation for such meetings will not be lost due to circumstances such as bad Internet connectivity or faulty and old equipment.

Whether I need a downtown location, or whether I need a facility located right in the high-tech center of where I live, I appreciate having the ability to choose how and where I will deliver my presentations or simply set-up shop for the required time I need.

Hotels are a great place to sleep overnight and maybe invite a client for coffee or drinks, but a serious meeting or presentation requires renting a professional and fully-functional meeting room.

This really has served me and my business colleagues well!

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