When the holiday season rolls around, it’s always nice to throw a company Christmas party for your staff members. This lets them know they’re appreciated while giving everyone a chance to let off steam and get to know each other outside of business hours.

Hosting a Christmas party can be a hassle, however. Between arranging for food, drinks and entertainment while trying to pull together the finer details, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re going to hold it. That’s why renting a meeting room space can be a great solution: meeting and conference rooms are perfect for hosting a one-day-a-year event.

Think outside the office

Think about how much time you and your coworkers spend at the office: a normal work week is 40 full hours of being in the same building, eight hours a day for five days straight. Chances are your staff            members don’t want to go to a Christmas party hosted at the office on a Friday evening – they want to be out and about, somewhere that doesn’t remind them too much of work.

At the same time though, a work Christmas party is still somewhat related to work so you have to take that into consideration when choosing a location.

A rented meeting room space can be the perfect in-between option. Sure, a meeting and conference room might not be the most fun place you can think of, but it will have a more-relaxed yet still-professional atmosphere that sets the perfect tone for an office party.

Get cost-effective

Meeting and conference rooms can be a great alternative to renting an auditorium or a hall to host your office party, simply because of their cost-effectiveness.

Most hall rentals charge a flat rate for a nightly rental, where a rented meeting room space can be rented only for the hours you need it for. Plus, do you really need a whole hall to host your staff?

Don’t stress the small stuff

You may not think of meeting and conference rooms as readily equipped to handle a party, but they’re actually a better option than they seem. Rented meeting room spaces are often provided with tables, chairs, Internet connections, surround sound speaker systems and more. Plus, with many buildings staffed with full-time receptionists and other employees, your coworkers should have an easy time getting to and from the location. The building’s staff can probably also arrange for taxis for anyone who’s had a little too much to drink.

Meeting and conference rooms have a lot to offer when it’s time to host the office holiday party: rented meeting room spaces are cost-effective, business appropriate and well-equipped for the job. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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