In recent years, the issue of climate change has emerged as a critical challenge we all must face, and much work needs to be done to clean up the environment. As a business owner, what you can do to green your office space?  You could start by introducing a recycling program or switching to energy efficient lighting. However, if you want to make a big impact and create a truly green workplace, another solution is to get rid of your office space lease altogether.

How can you have a workplace without an office space lease?  It’s possible with a virtual office provider, who can give you a business address, mail and communication services, as well as on demand access to work space, executive suites and meeting room rental.  This means you can ditch your office space lease and still be a professional business.  At the same time, a virtual office will allow you to fight environmental degradation.  Here’s how:

  • When you switch from a long-term office space lease to a virtual office, your employees work remotely. Desk space and meeting room rentals are available at your virtual office space when needed, but your workforce can cut out their daily commutes, reducing fuel consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Most virtual office space providers operate several office buildings, so when you sign up for their services you will have access to a meeting room rental in several locations.  A client meeting can now be held close to both you and your customer, eliminating the need for a long drive and wasted gas.
  • Conference call services offered at most virtual offices allow you to host many of your staff meetings without the use of a meeting room rental.  Strategically determine which meetings can be done through conference call, and you reduce pollution by cutting back further on the amount of travel you and your employees need to do.
  • When employees are out of the office for travel or meetings, the energy used to heat, cool and power a traditional office space is wasted.  With a virtual office, work areas and meeting rooms are shared, allowing space and energy to be used more efficiently.

With the emergence of virtual offices, the need for a traditional office space lease is becoming less and less necessary.  And the environmental benefits of becoming a virtual office mean you can maintain a professional image while doing your part to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.  What are you waiting for?  Get rid of that office space lease and go green with virtual office space today!

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