Budgeting for office space in Ottawa is by far one of the biggest drains on a start-up company’s budget.  Not only that, it’s a huge risk to have to commit to what is usually a multi-year lease.   Locking into an affordable arrangement often necessitates compromising on size, location, and amenities. But, what if you approached your need for rented office space from a different angle—not compromising any of the above, but actually enhancing flexibility, creativity, and productivity as your company gets off the ground?

First, you should eliminate the burden of leasing an expensive office space. Once this is done, a start-up is free to consider renting existing work space in a more convenient location or desired environment, and for different periods of time ranging from the day, month, or year. New markets can be tested with minimal risk. Being able to tap into the wide variety of office space in Ottawa—which in turn offers a range of desirable services and amenities—not only saves a start-up time, but acknowledges the flexibility needed for an increasingly diverse workforce. Expectations of what constitutes a satisfying work environment vary, and can even be subject to change.

Secondly, many start-ups are comprised of exceptionally creative people who are inspired by new adventures as well as interacting with other like-minded people. Office space in the form of a collaborative workplace is essentially shared workspace. Such arrangements have proven to be quite successful, with significant positive feedback being offered by those working in such an environment.  For particularly new or minimally staffed start-ups needing some sort of office space in Ottawa, considering a collaborative workplace allows for the kind of human interactions that stimulate, motivate and even foster cooperation or a greater vision.

Finally, any company, start-up or not, has both individual and corporate productivity high on the priority list.  The trend toward non-traditional office space in Ottawa continues to increase as those having experimented with it have seen it cultivate progress and innovation. For company directors, renting a well-serviced office space package frees them to work in a way that is not limited by overhead, location or space. Furthermore, although there is value in the flexibility to work from home, many people actually report that the separation between home and office is often more conducive to their focus, their productivity, and therefore their overall job satisfaction.

Freelance, consultant and start-up businesses are not new to the region, but instead of being confined separately behind brick and mortar walls, they will increasingly evolve into a more collaborative culture that yields more results. A creative approach to office space in Ottawa allows your start-up to align with a transformative workplace landscape.

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