Your Charitable Organisation Could Access TCC’s Offices, Co-Working Spaces, and More, Free of Charge

Canada’s charity sector does so much amazing work, both overseas and within our own borders. There are organisations dedicated to eradicating poverty, hunger, and homelessness; to making education obtainable to everyone; to helping those fleeing from war, abuse, or neglect; wherever there is a chance to enrich the lives of others, there is a charitable organisation working tirelessly to make the most of that opportunity.

But if you work for or manage a charity, then you know that it’s not as simple as being passionate about a cause. There are more challenges than the average person realises, and these run the gamut from adhering to strict legislation and maintaining transparency, to staying relevant in an ever-changing social landscape and operating within budget. This last one in particular is especially difficult, as everything costs money—from hosting a website, to paying employees, and especially paying for space, whether for an office, meeting room, or a venue to host events related to your charity.

How TCC Canada Can Help You

When your charity needs a place to conduct business, you must consider the cost and weigh it against your total operating budget. However, there’s another option: TCC Canada’s selection of offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces.

At TCC, we have been providing office space solutions for over 25 years. We have six locations across Ottawa to meet a variety of needs, and all six of them are available to charities after hours.

And the best part? They are free.

How It Works

If your charity needs a space to hold a meeting, meet with a potential patron, or host an information session or donor appreciation event, then you can reach out to TCC Canada to book a venue. Our offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces are available outside of regular business hours, and we’ll waive our hourly rate if your organisation is a registered charity. Additional services, such as catering or special equipment requests, are available at competitive rates, but there’s no fee for the space itself.

We have offices that seat anywhere from three to six people, meeting rooms and boardrooms that seat up to twenty and come equipped with projectors, screens, and other presentation tools that are always ready to use, and an open-concept co-working space—the Central BizLounge—at the center of downtown’s commercial district. Whatever the size and scope of your event, we can accommodate. Just reach out to us, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll present you a solution that works.

The benefit is that the charity can retain a greater proportion of its total operating budget, enabling it to allocate those resources to other areas where they can be put to better use. As a charity, every dollar saved is another chance to help those in need.