Everyone does a little reflecting as the new year approaches, and we’re no different. Remember those holiday letters you used to get from relatives and friends? Here comes ours. We promise, no photos of our dog in a Santa hat. 


When asked “How’s Business?” our go-to answer has been “Good! Busy! But good.”  This seems like a bit of a catch-all though, so let’s unpack it a bit. 


This past year has been about visibility and growth for TCC Canada. The team has grown, our strategy has changed, our centres are busier than ever, and the ecosystem in Ottawa for alternative ways of working and doing business is expanding faster than many had anticipated. We knew this was coming. As leaders in the industry, we saw the changes happening in other major cities and now we see it evolving here. Gone are the days of explaining what we do and why it works, now it’s about solutions that fit the client’s needs. 


In Vancouver, we continue to grow. We open the next phase of our operation in April 2019, bringing our footprint to 50,000 square feet. Currently, there are 275 happy people working in our offices there.  Construction is underway, we’re pushing a zero waste footprint on the construction project to ensure all waste is recycled or reused and only green technologies like LED lighting and radiant heat panels powered by a recycled hot water loop have been used.  


It has also been a year of planning. We’re positioned to launch into 2019 with momentum. This is due in part to strategic partnerships with organizations that can further the goals of our clients, understanding the needs and mindset of our customers, and knowing that we offer something real and valuable – relationship-based solutions. It’s not about fitting people into boxes. Your business needs are not the same as the next entrepreneurs. We created scaled answers to your problems while creating an environment that can grow with your business. We know your name. Team TCC makes a point to get to know our community members because when you know someone, you are invested in their success. 


It’s an honour to do business – and life – with you. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us and look forward to continuing to do so in 2019!

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