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WBN Presents: Women in the Boardroom

April 8 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Presentation Title – “A Path towards Inclusion: Intercultural competencies and Intersectionality”

The objective of this one-hour virtual session is to engage the audience in a stimulating presentation followed by Q and A about intercultural and diversity competencies within Canadian or North American workplaces. As leaders, we want to build inclusive workplace cultures in our multicultural and diverse country. We are in many ways similar as humans however it’s our differences that make us unique, this uniqueness needs to be leveraged by organizations to be innovative and market leaders. Research shows us that no human mind can be completely objective; our socialization brings about many stories and narratives that we embody and therefore our perceptions are influenced by these narratives. Perceptions around cultural differences and intersections of diversity as in generational, religious, gender, ability etc. can be prejudiced as a result of unconscious bias and if not decoded risk discriminatory actions and behaviours. We can make a choice to embody new narratives and take new approaches that are inclusive. Weaving through the cross-cultural competency and intersectionality model, Jas will guide the meeting attendees to gain insight into broadening their cultural and intersectionality lens to better prepare them with different ways of interacting and relating with people who look and feel different.

Jas Kalra – President of Jas Kalra Consulting

Jas Kalra is the President and founder of Jas Kalra Consulting. Jas is a professional coach and facilitator with a deep background in intercultural, diversity and inclusion competencies. She has lived in Ottawa for more than a decade and understands deeply the challenges we all face in being open and welcoming to others who look and behave differently from us.

Jas has worked with federal departments, Canadian forces and as an HR professional in India for the past 20+ years. She draws her expertise from her lived and professional experience as an immigrant to Canada and Interviewing executives and managers for multinational and government organizations in India, North America, Singapore and Nepal as an HR professional. Jas facilitates Diversity & Inclusion and intercultural effectiveness for Global Affairs of Canada, Department of National Defence, Conference Board of Canada, IBM, American Express, Siemens and Bank of America etc. She has been coaching staff and at an executive level from United Nations, Oxfam, Statistics Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada to effectively meet stressful situations and bridge intercultural communication challenges at work. She has a comfortable way with people and knows how to build bridge and hold opposing views in balance.

Her educational background includes master’s degree (M.SC) in Biology from India and certification in Adult Education by St.FX University, Nova Scotia. Jas is also an integral coach and certified from New Ventures West California and certified in Gender based Analysis (GBA+) that gives her an insight into intersectionality approach of diversity and inclusion; and EQ-I, EQ 360 for evaluating emotional intelligence; Her conflict resolution certification is from Saint Paul’s University of Ottawa.

Website: Jas Kalra Consulting
Email: Kalra.jas@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Jas Kalra on LinkedIn

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April 8
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm