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SPECIAL EVENT – Women’s Mental Health in Focus

June 17, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

SPECIAL EVENT – Women’s Mental Health in Focus

Are you stressed? Are you overwhelmed? Are you supporting the people around you?

Would it be so wrong to give yourself 2 hours of care with 7 experts in the field of health care?

As we come out of yet another lockdown during this global pandemic, and summer is upon us, it’s time to put the focus back on you and how you can put your best foot forward in this next phase.

Kick off your heels and join us for an evening of healing.

Mental health is a sensitive topic. If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable during the event, you will have the freedom to leave and come back when you feel ready. We want to advise that there may be triggers as we go through the evening’s speakers and activities. The speakers are vetted health care practitioners, and here to support you and should you need support going forward.

***Webinar platform will be used to ensure privacy***
***Questions can be
 asked anonymously***


Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler

Topic: Using Breath As Your Superpower – In times of uncertainty and unpredictability fear and anxious feelings can slip into the driver’s seat of our lives. During this session I will share with you how to come back to your body and use your breath as a superpower to ease these feelings. 

Bio: Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler is a an energy healer, soul aligned coach, sister & friend. Ashley works with women who have this inner knowing that they’re meant for more. Through healing and guidance she helps them uncover what’s standing in their way so they can take back their inner power to live their most desired life.  

A life that will have a deep meaningful impact on the world.

Saorsa Essentials 

By Ashley Mac

Website: saorsaessentials.ca

Email: ashley@saorsaessentials.ca 

FB: @saorsa.essentials

IG: @saorsa.essentials

Speaker Offer: Savvy Sister’s Membership Circle – Join our monthly virtual gathering where you will connect with like minded women, uncover your innate gifts and gain confidence to take back your inner power to achieve your desired life. Our next Circle is taking place on June 24th at 7:00pm EST register: https://www.saorsaessentials.ca/savvysisterscircle

Chris Peacock

Topic: Recognizing the signs of chronic stress in the body, mind and spirit, understanding the fight, flight, freeze response and how it can hijack our ability to use calming tools and strategies.  Short demo of EFT Tapping

Bio: Chris Peacock holds a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Health Administration and Advanced Certification in NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback.  Chris worked in both institutional and community care settings serving seniors for 35 years. Seven years ago, based on the impact that Neurofeedback had on her whole family, Chris started 2Beinflow Neurofeedback Services, a technology-based brain training system focused on calming the nervous system and helping the brain develop new neural pathways. Chris is also passionate about hiking, pickleball and directing a local women’s choir. 


613-327-8840 or book a call with me at https://calendly.com/2beinflow/zoom-phone-consultation




Speaker Offer: Complimentary Neurofeedback session at my office (COVID protocols in place)

Susan Alsembach
Registered Nurse (RN), Ba Science and Social Studies, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Topic: Gut health influences our mood and general well-being. There are ways to identify signs of poor gut health and Susan will share simple tips to improve it!

Bio: Susan is originally from Switzerland where she met her Canadian husband whilst working at a global agribusiness company in Geneva.  She then studied at the University of Brighton (U.K.) where she received her Nursing Diploma. As a nurse she has worked on a variety of wards, such as surgical, medical, gynecological and palliative care.  

After a couple of years, they moved to Brazil, where she completed her Bachelor of Science and Social Studies through the Open University (U.K.). During this time, she also carried out volunteer work in an orphanage school for low-income families in Sao Paulo. During her stay in Brazil, Susan enjoyed going to various local markets and discovering the flavors and foods of Brazil. 

As a family Susan equally lived in the U.S., Argentina, United Kingdom – all of these countries have had an influence on Susan’s view of nutrition and food in general. 

When their daughter was diagnosed as being gluten and dairy intolerant, Susan decided to take a new approach to health and trained as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she graduated in 2016. The family finally moved to Ottawa in 2017 (after 30 years – her husband could no longer stay away from home) and is very happy to finally call Ottawa home after so many years of travelling.

Throughout the years, Susan has volunteered and worked combining her nursing skills and her love for food to help others improve their health. 

Website: susanalsembach.com

Phone: 613-620-3249

Speaker Offer: 

  • Simple recipe book
  • 1/2 discovery call and/or 10% off all packages

Shulamit Ber Levtov
MA (counselling and spirituality), RSW (registered social worker), certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Resilience Coach, Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Certified Focusing professional, Certified TAT professional, Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher

Topic: Entrepreneurship is a risk to your mental health

Riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster is hard on your mental health. But why is that? What specifically makes entrepreneurs vulnerable to mental health challenges and what can be done about it? In this talk, you will learn about the 6 mental health risk factors inherent in entrepreneurship and leadership, and, as with all business planning, what you can do to plan for and mitigate the risk.

  • Attendees will learn about the 6 mental health risk factors inherent in entrepreneurship 
  • Attendees will understand the impact of these 6 mental health risk factors
  • Attendees will learn about mental health planning as an integral part of business planning
  • Attendees will learn how to plan for and mitigate the mental health risks inherent in entrepreneurship

Bio: Shulamit is a resilience and mindset consultant, helping entrepreneurial and self-employed women stay sane as they ride the emotional rollercoaster of running a business. Shulamit is a licensed therapist, retired Yoga teacher and trauma survivor. She has over 20 years of professional experience supporting mental health and personal growth. She founded a holistic stress and trauma clinic in Kemptville.



Speaker Offer: Resilience assessment and report – PR6 psychometric assessment of your proficiency in the 6 domains of resilience (as identified by peer-reviewed research), pdf report and brief video explanation of results. The assessment is completed online at your leisure and takes about 20 minutes or less. This assessment is only available as part of my 3-month consulting program. Special offer for WBN members attending this event: $450 (no HST). 

Hailey Hechtman
BAH, Psychology from Queen’s University , Post-Graduate Certification in Non Profit Leadership from Simon Fraser University, Professional Coaching Certification from the Transformation Academy

Topic: This talk will be focused on the importance of being self-reflective in identifying the strengths that you bring to the community. I will focus on supporting people to identify our unique talents and abilities and how to express them authentically. Additionally I will remind everyone of the importance of reaching out for support in the good times and in the challenging ones.

Bio: Hailey Hechtman is a creative, intentional and purpose-driven social impact leader with a passion for co-creative team development, strength-based program implementation and collective impact. She has 10 years of experience working in the social services sector with an aim for promoting thoughtful leadership and aligned decision-making for mental wellness, disability, and youth organizations. She is a strong communicator with a background in direct service provision that recognizes both the importance of a big-picture perspective and a practical, hands-on philosophy towards creating sustainable change.

Some of her career highlights include founding the Yukon Distress & Support Line, establishing the Yukon Inter-Agency Network on Disability, creating standardized narrative reporting processes for the Yukon Government and spearheading the Learning Essential Support Skills Online (LESSON) program. She recently moved back to Ottawa and has begun her exciting next chapter as the Executive Director for Causeway Work Centre where she can continue to pursue her passion for supporting meaningful community engagement, partnerships and person-centered planning.

Email: hhechtman@causewayworkcentre.org

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hailey-hechtman-58a33b5b/

Speaker Offer: TBD

Francesca Dattilo
MSW, RSW Counselling-Coaching-Counsulting

Topic:  Get into the Driver’s Seat of Your Emotions

COVID has us all a bit on edge. You may notice that those things that normally don’t rattle you are rattling you. Learn practical tips on how to reduce your vulnerability to painful and uncomfortable emotions, decrease your unwanted emotions and increase those feel good emotions you do want.

Bio: Francesca Dattilo, MSW, RSW offers counselling, coaching and consulting. Francesca is a well seasoned having been in the field of mental health and personal development for 25 years. In 2019 she was awarded the for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs (FEBE) Holistic Health Award. 

As a Social Worker, psychotherapist she helps women experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress and Relationship/Co-Dependency issues take control of their minds, get into the driver’s seat of their emotions, master their stress and get and keep healthy relationships. As a Certified Transformational Coach, she helps Women Bosses who despite their success, have an area of their lives they just can’t get right, they have lost their way, lost control and lost touch with themselves. With her Boss Life Coaching Program she helps them find their way and create genuine success by teaching them how to become their own authority. Finally, as a consultant, she provides individual and group Dialectical Behaviour Therapy(DBT) consultation to other mental health professionals who want to use this approach to better serve their clients and themselves.

Email: francesca@francescadattilo.com

Phone: 613-204-0781

Website: www.francescadattilo.com

Speaker Offer: 

25% off a 60 minute therapy session, save $40.00

25% off of a 90 minute coaching session, save $75.00

Dr. Michele Todd

Topic: Battling burnout & building resilience to keep your boat afloat  – Frontline wellness strategies

Due to the global pandemic, women have been called upon to simultaneously manage their kids and careers, while supporting their colleagues and their businesses. The “Battling burnout & building resilience to keep your boat afloat”  discussion will highlight and give strategies to help build and maintain a resiliency shield of armour that we all need to battle these challenging times on our own front lines.  

Bio: Dr. Michele Todd works with police officers and veterans of the military. She is the Professional Practice Leader for Psychology at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and a Clinical Psychologist at the Ottawa Operational Stress Injury Clinic. She is also a Certified Supervisor and Trainer in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD. Dr. Todd’s practice is focused on delivering and disseminating evidence-based assessment and intervention for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and other trauma-related symptoms. 

Email: Tracey.welsh@theroyal.ca or foundation@theroyal.ca

Speaker Offer: WBN members receive $5 off their run for women registration with coupon WBN21


June 17, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm