The winter season is almost back in Ottawa, and with it comes weather that can make driving more difficult.  Snow, sleet and freezing rain create slippery roads and reduced visibility, making your employees’ commute dangerous.  So with winter now upon us, perhaps it’s time for you to consider whether your employees’ daily drive into the office is necessary.

With the technology we have available today, it is becoming easier and easier for employees to work remotely.  VPN access, cloud technology, smartphones, conference calling, and video calling are widely available, and make it possible for people to get work done and collaborate with

In addition to technology, the options of virtual office spaces and executive suite rentals make remote work even easier.  For businesses who fully embrace the concept of telecommuting, virtual office and executive suite rentals provide a place for you, your employees and your clients to come together only when needed.  Executive suite rentals can be booked just a couple of days in advance, which in the winter allows you to schedule meetings around the weather forecast,  saving everyone from the stressful driving that comes with a snowstorm or freezing rain.colleagues, even if they aren’t physically present in the office.  Given this fact, it makes little sense for businesses to put their employees’ lives at risk by demanding that they commute to the office in bad winter weather.

Executive suite rentals are great for businesses with a full time work-from home policy, but what if you are a business that is not ready to ditch your central office?  It still makes sense for you to institute a telecommuting policy in the winter for safety reasons.  And executive suite rentals can still be used as part of this policy for employees who live far from your main office.  This is because most virtual office space providers have several locations throughout the city, allowing you to provide flexible work space in the winter for all of your employees.  With an executive suite or two located at strategic points throughout the Ottawa area, you enable your employees to work or meet with clients from a workspace closer to home, without the costs associated with opening a whole new office.

So what are you waiting for?  Winter will be here before you know it, so now is the time to consider a remote working policy.  With the emergence of technology, virtual office space and executive suite rentals, there is no need for your employees to drive to the office in bad weather, so you can now keep your work force productive and safe this winter by allowing them to skip the winter commute.