Tell-Tale Signs You Should Be Hunting for New, Bigger Office Space in Ottawa

How’s your office space in Ottawa looking? A bit cramped and underperforming? It’s the hope of every small business owner and start-up to see their labours begin to pay off and their business grow and thrive. But when the time comes, you need to be ready to leave your old space behind and set up shop somewhere new. Here are a few clear tell-tale signs that you need to move into a bigger business office space:

When “Shared Space” Goes Too Far

The whole idea of an office (especially an open-concept space, which is quickly becoming the norm) is to share your workspace—to an extent. This kind of closeness can be productive, until it goes too far and you can barely swivel your chair around without knocking someone’s smartphone into their morning coffee. But it’s not always apparent that your business office space is reaching its functional limit for staff, so look out for these warning signs:

• Shared desks
• Constant distraction
• Being unable to take important calls because of noise
• Employees are starting to clash (literally and figuratively)

Storage Is a Nightmare

Your inventory is a wreck. Office supplies are scattered haphazardly wherever room can be made. You have no idea which of the boxes stacked in the broom cupboard contains what. You’re renting out storage facilities off-site, which is a cash-sink all on its own. You need a bigger office space in Ottawa, and you need it now! It’s time to look at an office that accommodate not just your staff but your infrastructure, supplies, and everything else needed to run—not to mention accounting for growth.

You Dread Client Meetings

Client meetings are about more than just having a face-to-face chat. It’s about showcasing the professionalism and expertise that you’re going to bring to the table. And it’s a bit hard to pull that off when your business office space is small, cluttered, or otherwise unsightly. If you have absolutely no faith in your facilities to make a quality impression on the people you meet with, then it’s time for a new office—and without delay.

Your Business Is Growing

Really, the best sign that it’s time for a new office is substantial and positive growth for your business. Whether you’re bringing on new staff, or giving the staff you have more room to do their jobs effectively, more space is never a bad thing. And the opportunity to grow your operation further is never one to be passed up by a savvy entrepreneur like yourself!

If your office is too small to accommodate the growth of your business, then don’t put it off—it’s time for new office space in Ottawa.

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