The Amenities of Executive Suites with a Community Vibe

The way we work is constantly changing. Every day, new startups are founded, people take on freelance contracts, remote employees are hired in cities outside of where a company operates, and more in the increasingly independent workforce. And while it’s perfectly possible for you to set up your laptop in the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee, and attempt to focus, it can be far more beneficial for you to look into coworking office space.

If you’ve never heard of coworking space before, imagine an open-concept office with all the amenities you come to expect from executive suites—high-speed internet, coffee, technical support, and of course, space for you to work! The difference is, you share this space with other people who also need a place to work. This may sound odd to you, but it actually has plenty of benefits for you:

Productive Atmosphere

When you work from home, you’re risking opening yourself up to all kinds of distractions. Family, friends, your TV, your video game console, even a book you’ve been meaning to finish… these can all become ways to avoid or put off work, costing you precious productivity. Being in a professional environment like a coworking office space, surrounded by like-minded people, creates a productive energy that’s contagious to everyone around. Before long, you’ll find yourself powering through work like a productivity machine!

Valuable Connections

You never know who you’ll meet at your coworking space! Need a graphic designer for your business card or website? Maybe you’re looking for talented writers, or someone with a good head for numbers. In a coworking space, everyone does something—and they all know people too. Take time to strike up conversations with the people around you (without being distracting, of course) and you never know the kinds of connections you’ll make!

Learning Opportunities

Whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur with dreams of executive suites, if you’re new to the business world, there is a wealth of opportunities at your disposal to learn from others. Some such spaces even host guest speakers and seminars for people just like you, to teach new skills that could be valuable to you down the line.

If You Can’t Find One, You Can Start One

If there’s no coworking space in your area that you feel really meets all of your needs, why not start one yourself? Make connections in the community with like-minded people looking for a space, and look into renting office space or executive suites. By pooling your resources as a group, you can curate an affordable and accommodating coworking space that’s perfect for your needs.

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