There is no doubt that working in a virtual office has risen in popularity in the last few years. There are many benefits to working in a virtual office: there is no commute, no suits, no office distractions, and for some workers, they can work at different times during the day when they feel more productive. From shared office spaces, to telecommuting, and rented spaces, professionals are taking the idea of “virtual office” to a whole new level. However when it comes to the holidays, there may be something missing when it comes to only communicating online.

Some companies with employees in different cities and even countries may have a harder time getting everyone together for a holiday party in one meeting facility–and in the same time zone. In those cases, add some fun to a virtual office through inspirational messages, online “hangouts” and gift exchanges by mail. For a business with a central location, there is something special about celebrating with the whole team in person: maybe you’re a new startup celebrating your first year in business, a few workers from a shared office space who have gotten to know each other or an established company who prides itself on a social work culture.

Take the time to book meeting facilities during the holiday season to get everyone together. Employees want to feel special, even if they all work together in an office, work from home some of the time or work through a virtual office while they are traveling for business. Meeting facilities can be used for everything from casual meetings to special occasions; it’s an opportunity for quick updates, yearly overviews and team bonding activities. For those who cannot attend, consider even using the technology amenities of the meeting facilities to Skype or conference missing guests into the conversation. The amenities included in many meeting facilities such as televisions, WiFi, projectors and full-sized theatres can also be useful for holiday activities. How much fun would it be to watch a holiday movie, put up photos of everyone’s childhood Christmas memories or have some snacks together?

Holiday parties can come with their own overhead costs. If you use meeting facilities already as a virtual office or for working on collaborative projects, book a few extra hours for a get together afterwards and save the costs of renting a restaurant or ballroom. Some shared offices may even help with administrative coordination, printing, security and event planning. Office holiday parties can improve productivity, team engagement and fuel conversations down the road, as well as add to valued company culture and traditions, even for those who work in a virtual office.

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