There are office spaces, and then there are office spaces. The later are office spaces that are brilliant and almost like a resort more than an office space. The following is a brief list of the most stunning office spaces in the world.

First up on the list is the Zurich Google office. Everyone knows that Google is a fun and vibrant company that is a lot of fun to work with, but honestly, out of all of the fresh and over the top office spaces owned by Google this has got to be one of the best meeting facilities on earth. Regardless of where you sit or walk at this office space you are never more than 100 feet away from food per Google regulations, and if you get tired or walking you can always take the slide down to the café. That’s right, a real silver slide. The fireman’s pole is an additional option for days when you want a bit more thrill.

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La Brea office

Second on the list of great office spaces in the world is the La Brea, California Dreamhost office. This office was created by the same people that worked on Facebook and AOL offices and was designed to toss out the limitations of personal cubicles and instead turn the entire space into giant meeting facilities. Here you will find plenty of new wave desks, game areas, dining options, and a mixture of relaxation and work at all times. Built in an old warehouse, there is light everyone and splashes of color light up the office. The best part, your ping pong table is literally a foot away from your desk. There’s more than one way to pound out an idea!

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Epic office

Up third on the list are the Epic office spaces. The entire office space in Epic is designed to be fresh and cool, and as such you never know what the hallways are going to look as you walk down towards the meeting facilities. You might walk down a hallway or walk down a hallway that resembles the New York subway complete with a mannequin sleeping on the seats. Now that’s pretty epic!

office spaces

Infosys office

The last awesome office space on our list is Infosys. Here you don’t have to worry about taking clients out for a drink after meeting with them because one of the built in meeting facilities is a literal bowling alley! That’s pretty impressive!

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