Are you an Internet start-up or small business owner that needs to set up a physical office?  If so, consider carefully the location you choose. You want to be sure that you locate the business close to where your customers live or work so that they will be able to easily meet up with you at your executive suites and will be more likely to visit your physical location. However, meeting the location needs of your customers can quickly become challenging for a small business owner, as office rental space in downtown areas can be expensive.  And if your client base is scattered, setting up offices in several locations is a costly proposition.

So what is a small business owner to do when the need for a physical location arises?  A great alternative to permanent office rental is something known as a virtual office.  And here is how you can use this modern workspace alternative to find the right location for the success of your business:

  • If customer analysis reveals that your business would benefit from having one central downtown location, you face steep costs to rent prime real estate.  However, if you take advantage of a virtual office rental provider to set up your downtown location, it means you can have executive suites downtown to meet with clients while you keep your main business base at home or in a less-expensive area.
  • If you service clients that are scattered, you may be stressing at the prospect of having to open multiple offices in different locations.  The beauty of virtual office rental is that some providers offer multiple locations so that you can set up an address, phone number, executive suites and meeting rooms wherever your customers are.  This means you can maintain your cost-effective home base while locating your executive suites in several places at once, at a fraction of the cost of setting up permanent office in each of these locations.
  • What if you need to hire someone?  Attracting talent is difficult for a small Internet start-up or small business, as you often will not have the budget to offer them the kind of money that big business can provide.  However, when you set up a virtual office rental, you can take advantage of multiple office locations to widen the pool of potential candidates. And you can also offer a more flexible working arrangement with the ability to work from home as well as to travel and then drop into your virtual executive suites from time to time to maintain your business’s physical presence with your clients.

Whether you are an Internet start-up or small business that needs to be in a downtown location, serves customers in multiple areas, or you want to attract the right talent, a virtual office provider that offers flexible office rental and rental of executive suites is an excellent solution to your locational needs at much less cost than traditional office rental arrangements.  So wherever you decide to locate, find a virtual office company that can give you flexible office space that works for your physical business needs.

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