Running a business can be a lot of work and the cost of a physical office space can be an even larger burden. Not only do you need to find the space, there’s the equipment and reception staff to consider too. Perhaps you’re working from home and are looking to expand or you have an existing space that is overcrowded and can’t be used for multipurpose gatherings. Renting meeting room spaces in conference facilities can not only give you more room, it can transform how you do business.


Conference facilities are popular areas for businesses to host either staff or client meetings without the added stress of having to hold meetings in the middle of a busy work space. They help you focus on what’s important and not have to deal with what might be going on around you in the office. If your office holds monthly budget meetings and you find yourselves squeezing into the space like sardines, an up graded meeting room space is probably what you need. There are fully furnished spaces available for rent for either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearlong rentals. Having a fully functional meeting room space available to you and your business associates is the best option for a growing business.


Having an office space on a popular street in downtown Ottawa is a dream for many business owners. It’s a beautiful part of the city and with its central location its appealing place to be for professional workers. Renting your own office in an area as popular and attractive the downtown core cost a pretty penny and at times available spaces are nearly impossible to find. However, there are several conference facilities that can make your business dreams come true by providing open and modern meeting room spaces to do business and also provided parking for yourself, staff and clients.

Office Staff

Between answering emails, attending meetings and greeting clients, running a business can get really busy. Conference facilities in Ottawa can provide reception, mail services and even word processing so you can focus on the more important things. They understand your needs and provide great reception services while you work in your meeting room space or host your annual corporate events.

Well Equipped

Conference facilities provide state of the art meeting room spaces that come equipped with high-speed internet, fax machines and phone lines ensuring you’re well prepared and well equipped for anything that may come up during the day. The facilities are always up to date and have administrative support to make sure your office runs as smoothly as possible.

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