The Right Office Rental Is Essential to Hitting the Ground Running

Finding the perfect business office space is a major step towards establishing your business’s legitimacy. While the task of finding the right features and location for your business may seem daunting, there are ways to ease the burden of finding the perfect office rental to start your brand new business in, including knowing which features matter most to you. Consider the following:


This feature is at the top of every business owner’s list, and for good reason. Finding the right location for your business office space can be a make-or-break decision for your fledgling company. Ease of commute, business saturation, and even your lunch options are all things you’ll have to consider when considering which location is ideal for your startup. There are plenty of options in Ottawa in a number of neighbourhoods, including downtown, Kanata’s famous tech sector, and more—so consider your choices.

Meeting Rooms

Having a dedicated room for meetings is important, and there are plenty of office rental options that feature furnished meetings rooms with the necessary amenities. As a startup, having a dedicated space results in fewer distractions and establishes a sense of professionalism—these things go a long way toward building your company. While many spaces will have their own dedicated meeting rooms, others offer access to facilities that can be booked on a per-use basis, allowing you to easily host meetings in larger spaces when the need arises.

Receptionist Services

Having a bilingual receptionist is a wonderful asset to have at your disposal, whether you need to direct external inquiries, handle scheduling, and perform other essential duties. In addition, when people contact or visit your office, it gives you the appearance of professionalism. When looking into office rental, consider a space that bundles these services with the space.

Open-Concept Floorplans

The open-concept design has been slowly but surely killing cubicles for a while, and for good reason—the layout allows for collaboration on a whole other level. Startup businesses have fully embraced this functional aesthetic, favouring the way it promotes teamwork and allows ideas and inspiration to flow freely through the office.

As a startup, you have a remarkable chance to hit the ground running by renting the right business office space, so be sure to start off on the right foot. The right office can go a long way towards helping your business grow and prosper!

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