Trips don’t have to involve packing for a week or dealing with airport security to be rated as great moments in your travel life, they can be just as rewarding without the hassles.  Get out your camera and fanny pack, and have some fun – What better time than this September to re-visit our Nation’s Capital!

Being a tourist in your own city is a great experience for the whole family. In fact, it’s the best way to get to know your city and find your favourite spots.  

Every city has its tourist spots: things everyone does or sees when they visit a city – Rediscover beautiful Ottawa this September. 

As a tourist in your own city, a day of exploration with an outsider’s perspective often leads to the best discoveries. Finding a new favourite café or quirky and cool spot to eat is a pleasant surprise! 

Most of all, no matter how popular a place is, or how “touristy” it is to do an activity, it’s always fun to go see and do it. Sometimes we get trapped in the mindset of, “It’s always going to be there, we can go see and do that whenever we want”.  We take these things for granted and don’t often get around to doing them. 

This September, embrace your inner tourist and explore what Ottawa has to offer – it’s the best way to really know your city. The hop-on, hop-off tours might be meant for tourists, but they’re a great way to fill the gaps in your local history knowledge.  You can turn the day into an educational activity for your kids! 

Listed below are links to help get your Ottawa adventure started. 

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