With all the technological advances brought on by the information age, a new concept of office space has been created. A virtual office is a new way of running a business and allows business owners to reduce the cost of traditional office expenses such as rent, staff, insurance and supplies.

A virtual office is much different than a traditional office space because communication is the key to it running properly and efficiently. Companies across Canada are providing virtual office packages that allow users to choose a package that fits their company’s needs, such as a remote receptionist, professional address, or just a casual workspace. Companies provide a variety of services like the use of a mailing address, directory listing, mail handling, answering service, and boardroom or office time at a location for meetings and such. This new type of office experience is growing in popularity in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.  As more and more business move towards an online platform it seems only logical that the tools we associate with a traditional office make the move online as well. Another reason virtual office spaces have gained popularity is that it blends home and work environments in a way that is appealing to many people. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or home business that needs a receptionist, a national corporation that wants to cut down on office costs, or an international business looking to integrate into different countries, a virtual office can definitely benefit you.

So are virtual offices the future of business? The rise of the World Wide Web and the many technological advances that followed are what allow people today to do things they never could have done 50 years ago. Businesses are being created and started through social media, artists are being discovered all over YouTube and the internet is becoming a virtual world full of endless possibilities and potential.  Virtual offices let users retain a certain level of professionalism while keeping the image of being in a traditional office space– It’s a 21st century solution where the dimensions of an office space move beyond square footage to the online world.

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