About Us

Founded in 1991, Steve Cochrane created TCC Canada to fill a void in the real estate market. Using his 2 decades of real estate, development, interior design, and construction expertise, he designed the first flexible workspace in Ottawa. With a lack of service and flexibility from traditional institutional landlords, there was a huge shortage of options for organizations looking to rent anything other than a full office floor. From there, the full service, flexible office model was born. Rather than having to coordinate your own receptionist, facilities management team, allocate resources for dedicated Server Rooms, Conference and Training Rooms, companies were able to share many of these resources to allow them to focus on their core business, not running their office and save money while they are doing it!

As the flexible office industry continued to grow, TCC Canada developed an array of different product lines, including the virtual office program. The goal was to provide organizations looking to get a start in a new city, or simply setup a corporate address for their home business with a cost-efficient way to make that achievable. Allowing even more smaller organizations to benefit from the beautiful corporate spaces that TCC Canada had designed, the virtual office allowed the use of the corporate address with access to it on an as needed basis allowing for further growth and financial relief to small business. Having had the pleasure of dealing with some of the world’s largest corporations, TCC Canada has been able to grow their portfolio to include some of the most iconic office buildings in Canada. Using cutting edge design and collaboration technology, TCC Canada is able to bring you the amazing space that you thought you could never afford, but for a fraction of the price!

Together with his son Sean, TCC Canada have expanded across Canada to allow even more options for growing organizations. Dealing with clients from the Fortune 50 all the way to the solopreneur, there are endless ways that TCC Canada can save you money time and the headache of having office space!