Get Inspired and Make the Most of Your Meeting Rooms Rental

In the past, meeting room rentals were set aside strictly for meetings and came equipped with boring white walls and a large table set with chairs. In contrast, modern conference facilities come packed with a range of features that businesses simply cannot live without. And the best part is that you can use meeting rooms for more than just meetings—creative uses can help drive your business, leading to a more recognizable brand and an increase in sales.

Meeting room rentals come equipped with the technology you need for effective presentations. They are well-lit and attractively furnished, making them the perfect location for hosting events that will add to your business. There are many different kinds of live local events you can hold in conference facilities, whether you wish to accommodate 2 people or one hundred!

Here are a few suggestions on how to use conference facilities to market your business:

1. Interview a Top Expert

Interview a top expert in your profession in an attractive conference space. It is more impressive than in your home office or your boring white-walled meeting room at work. Record everything and use the video as a promotional tool on your website. You can also set up a feed and do a live stream of the event.

2. Create Panel Discussions and Focus Groups

Bring together experts to discuss a topic of interest to people in your industry. A group could talk about something controversial in the industry, or where the industry is headed. Again, video tape it and use it for marketing.

3. Host a Mastermind Group Session

Get top experts to come together and brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot problems, and educate one another. Mastermind groups are great for peer accountability and support. Let the audience look over their shoulder as they work.

4. Present a Product Demonstration

Launching a new product? Do it in style in a beautiful conference facility. Bring in an audience for a product demonstration. This helps create a buzz for the product.

You can also gather affiliates and give them the opportunity to test your product. Teach them how to use it, and why it is so great. Video tape the session and live stream the video for even more excitement.

5. Hold a Webinar

Formal and informal online education is growing. Rent a meeting room for an hour or two and record a fascinating seminar.  Use the video as a marketing tool to keep on selling long after the live event.

6. Show Your Product Line

Line up all the products you wish to sell and go over them one by one. Do this in front of a live audience and answer questions. Record the presentation and use the information to create content for your website, a FAQ section, and more. This kind of material is ideal around the holidays to promote all your products without any being left out.

Also, if hosting this type of event is not possible in front of an audience, you can always do it alone in front of a video camera.

7. Give a Special Seminar

Teach a particular skill in a couple of hours, or teach it at an all-day event.  The venue should match the topic. For example, a one-day seminar on getting rich flipping houses that is held in a church hall would not be as credible or impressive as at a nice conference facility.  When renting this type of space, you have access to all kinds of equipment and can impress your audience with multimedia presentations. You can also cater the event to make it even more enjoyable.

8. Facilitate a Q&A Session

Film yourself going through a list of frequently asked questions about your business, or about a particular business-related topic. Again, an attractive venue will make people much more willing to listen to what you have to say, and promote your credibility as an expert.

First impressions are vital to business success. Renting a meeting room or conference facility that is equipped with top-of-the-line technology ensures you and your business is taken seriously.

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